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  • „Job Coach for People with Disabilities” – PROJEKT ERASMUS+


    „Job Coach for People with Disabilities” – PROJEKT ERASMUS+

    Europejskie standardy jakości dla zawodu Job Coach dla osób z niepełnosprawnościami.

    (pod redakcją: Hanns Rüdiger Röttgers i Caterina Metje, Fachhochschule Münster)



    An international project Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships „Job Coach for People with Disabilities“ (JOMB) is being carried out under the leadership and the auspices of Grone-Schulen Niedersachsen GmbH.


    The project started in September 2015 and is to be completed at the end of 31 August 2018.


    The aim of the project is to create Europe-wide training standards for professionals in the field of vocational guidance for people with disabilities, i.e., to developing a standardised European Qualification Framework (EQF) for a qualification as „Job Coach for People with Disabilities“.

    Based on the European standards for the description of the qualifications and requirements for the profession of a Job Coach for people with disabilities, access requirements for this profession as well as the key competencies for Job Coaches are defined. Another product of the project is a supplementary learning-handbook on dealing with specific disabilities, such as autism, intellectual disability, and mental health issues.


    This project for the development of a standardized European qualification framework for the training of Job Coaches for people with disabilities brings great opportunities for all involved. The project is targeted to meet the needs of those already actively involved in training Job Coaches and aspiring Job Coaches for people with disabilities (i.e. social workers, employment therapists and employees in employment agencies, ). Indirectly, the project serves people with disabilities (e.g. social workers, employment officers, employers and employees).



    • ILO 1 – European Qualitystandards for the profession JobCoach for dissabled people
    • ILO 2 – European Qualification profile for the JobCoach
    • ILO 3 – European-wide uniform qualification concept for further training
    • ILO 4 – National adapted concepts
    • ILO 5 – Guideline for handling witg specific handicaps
    • ILO 6 – Addional module for further training for JobCoaches „Handling with different handicaps“
    • ILO 7 – Expert glossary
    • ILO 8 – Teaching and learning materials
    • ILO 10 – Guideline for European implementation of the concept
    • ILO 11 – Guideline for national implementation of the concept


    Międzynarodowy projekt Erasmus + „Job Coach dla osób z niepełnosprawnościami” jest realizowany pod kierownictwem i auspicjami Fachhochschule Münster.

    Podstawą produktu są wyniki badań w krajach partnerów projektu, którzy wspierali rozwój produktu.

    Europejskie standardy jakości dla zawodu job coach dla osób z niepełnosprawnościami

    Job Coach for people with dissabilities

    Koordynator projektu                                                       

    Grone-Schulen Niedersachsen GmbH

    Anna Block

    Tel.: 0049 (0) 4165 80370

    Mail: a.block@grone.de



    Odpowiedzialny za produkt

    Fachhochschule Münster

    Prof. Dr. Hans Rüdiger Röttgers

    Tel.: 0049 (0) 251 8365 818

    Mail: roettgers@fh-muenster.de